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How to buy COFFIN without transfer tax?

Please use a swap page on the app.

How to sell COFFIN on the market when CoUSD is below the peg?

When COUSD is below the peg, COFFIN change
Please set big slippage.
Please read below article.

Transfer tax or burn?

Initially, there is threshold setting for burn or tax. It's $0.98. If CoUSD price is below $0.98, some percent of transfer amount will be burned. If CoUSD price is above $0.98, some percent of transfer amount will be taxed.
Please refer below page about the percent.
About the threshold, we have plan to make a proposal for change.

How to get xCOFFIN?

You can stake COFFIN to get xCOFFIN on https://app.coffin.finance/staking

How to join governance/voting ( snapshot ) ?

Note that only the community members who hold relevant amounts of xCOFFIN at the time of the creation of the Snapshot block number would be able to vote on the proposal.

What is Snapshot.org?

We use snapshot.org for voting. Snapshot is a decentralized voting system.
Note that only the community members who hold relevant amounts of xCOFFIN at the time of the creation of the Snapshot block number would be able to vote on the proposal.

Facing display errors, some values seems not correct. What should I do?

Please try to change RPC Host as follow. If you cannot solve, please send DM with screenshots to dev on discord.

Why Coffin Finance uses FTM as collateral instead of USDC,USDT,DAI, etc.,?

Our immediate focus is creating a true decentralized stable token. If we use centralized stable token as collateral, can we regard it as decentralized? We need to use non-fiat back currency as collateral for decentralization.
Plus, we believe in FTM potential value. So we are going to use native FTM as collateral.

How will the withdrawal taxes collected by V2 Farm be used?

We are planning to use it as profit sharing fund after DAO. We believe It should be used for long term holders.

What is Target Collateral Ratio (TCR) for minting?

The system tries to peg CoUSD equivalent to $1.00 USD, but the collateral ratios for minting and redemption are sometimes different.
Minting enables us to create new CoUSD tokens from FTM and COFFIN. The COFFIN token will be burned. The FTM is used as collateral. The ratio depends on current TCR by default. The ratio is updated every 60 minutes and up (by default) .
Anyone can update the ratio if 60 minutes has passed.
When updating TCR, the system checks the current CoUSD value in USD. If the value is above the peg, the TCR will decrease slightly. On the other hand, if the value is below the peg, the TCR will increase slightly.
Please read the following page also.

How to determine Target Collateral Ratio for minting.

You can see the TCR on minting page.
Or you can see the ratio on Tool page as well.

How to get to know current Effective Collateral Ratio for redeeming?

Please check Redeem Page. Then,
please check "Output FTM · XXX%".
It's current Effective Collateral Ratio.

Why sometimes Effective Collateral Ratio is 100%?

The protocol uses FTM as collateral. If FTM value goes up, collateral ratio also goes up.
As of 28th Oct, our collateral is 100% FTM, but we have plan to use it for lending to earn more FTM. And there are other ideas, e.g., rebalancing/delta-neutral/options.

What is Minting?

Minting is create CoUSD (USD equivalent) from FTM + COFFIN.
When a user creates CoUSD, the protocol keeps FTM as collateral, and burn COFFIN.

What is Redeeming

The protocol returns FTM & COFFIN to users when the user request to convert CoUSD.
We highly recommend you to Do Your Own Research and never use funds within the Coffin Finance that you cannot afford to lose. You won’t be compensated for any losses. All interactions with the associated smart contracts on the Fantom Opera and software on Coffin Finance are at your own risk.