Price Oracles

Multiple Price Oracles for the Greatest Accuracy

Coffin Finance takes price feeds from Band Protocol and SpookySwap Router Oracle (UniSwap V2 System). Through a consensus made by the DAO, other pricing information may also be used, for example, ChainLink Oracle is already on The Fantom Opera mainnet.
Band Protocol Provides:
  • etc
SpookySwap Oracle (UniSwap V2 System) Provides:
  • etc
We are using both oracles to calculate rates of COFFIN, CoUSD, XCOFFIN in USD.

We highly recommend you to Do Your Own Research and never use funds within the Coffin Finance that you cannot afford to lose. You won’t be compensated for any losses. All interactions with the associated smart contracts on the Fantom Opera and software on Coffin Finance are at your own risk.